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Do you like to enrich your home with the most unfathomable efforts? Do you like to embed and accentuate the most innovative themes to depict your penchant for enjoying well-kept, trim living spaces? According to the perks of human psychology, everyone likes to live or work in a place which is spick and span and well maintained. However, due to the wear and tear offered by time, even the trimmest places often lose their glory due to lack of maintenance. Hence, repair and maintenance are quite synonymous when it comes to seeking the slackest feeling of perfection.

The Babalon Handyman Service is one of the most distinguished names of repair and maintenance in Santa Monica, California.  We are one of the most famous handyman companies which operate nationally in California. We offer the most idealistic repair and maintenance services using the best tools and equipment. Our team works quite diligently and they are insured and certified professionals that show up on your doorstep in their neat uniforms. Over the passage of the last, few years, we have garnered a lot of satisfactory repute among our valued clients.

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Our Handyman Services

carpet installation

Carpet Installation

Do you need to get a grand, new carpet installed to cover all of your floorings?

Do newer carpets overwhelm you? Are you quite sensitive about the way your floors are carpeted?

Do you want to get a new carpet installed according to your interior décor?

You are welcome to call us on  (424)301-8610 at any time and talk to our customer support system for more information about our services.

exterior home installation

Home Exterior Repairs

Do you like to make the exterior of your home quite safe and unexposed to danger?

Do you want to add a sturdy fencing system to add oodles of value to your property?

Are you one of those mavens of art who wish to add a fairytale touch of winter wonderland to the external surroundings of your residential property during the seasonal delights such as the Christmas time and New Year?

Interior Repairs

Home Interior Repairs

We offer some of the best home interior services when it comes to revamping your inner spaces according to the contemporary themes prevailing in Santa Monica today. The Babalon Handyman Service  is one of the most preeminent interior repairing services that specialize in all types of remodeling, renovation and constructional projects of home, believing in an excellent quality of service. We offer the most reasonable prices for the most uncompromised quality of work offered for the home interior repairs.